#KingsKoncepts: Because Of The Gospel

Hello Everyone. Today I’d like to share with you the best news a person could ever give to another person.  No, you’re not going to win a billion dollars tomorrow…


@P4CM Presents: The Wait Is Over??? Episode 2

Check out the second episode from P4CM‘s Janette…ikz and her fiance. The webseries is titled, “The Wait Is Over???”  If you missed the first episode, click on the link to view: ~Nailah

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#KingsKoncepts: To Be Like Jesus

Hello Everyone. Our desire as well as our life’s purpose should not be the obtaining and indulging in the trappings of this life; nevertheless, it should be to live, die…

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#LiveLaughLove: 3 Misconceptions Christians Have About Marrying Non-Christians

Happy Friday Kingdom Kids! Here’s an interesting article I came over from Relevant Magazine. Christians marrying non-christians…what do you guys think? Five years ago, my routine for going to church…

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#KingsKoncepts: The Blessings Of The Lord Shall Come To Pass

Hello Everyone. As you read the list of scriptures below always remember, no matter what the day has been to you keep praising God. He’s worthy! Deuteronomy 1:1-13 1.  And…

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#MondayMorningMeditation: Thought Of The Week

  “Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will.” ~ Unknown   Have a blessed week Victorious People!  

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Thank you for the support, 4GS! I love you all! Remember, today (7/13/14) is the last day to download Volumes 2 and 3 of the SoKoDiaries Book Series for FREE!…

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Congratulations Nailah Harvey!

4GS would like to congratulate our founder and editor, Nailah Harvey on her latest book release(s): “SoKoDiaries: Culture Shock (Vol.2)” and “SoKoDiaries: Reverse Culture Shock (Vol.3).” These are the 2nd and…

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#LiveLaughLove: Are You The #Anomaly?

In the spirit of Lecrae’s new album, Anamoly, dropping this Fall (September 9, 2014 to be exact), I would like to encourage everyone to LOVE yourself. No matter your flaws,…


@P4CM Presents: The Wait Is Over ??? Episode 1

How many P4CM fans out there? *raises hand* And for those who don’t know what P4CM is, let me briefly school you. Passion 4 Christ Movement (P4CM) is a Los…