Monday Morning Meditation Feature

#MondayMorningMeditation: Protect Your Mind

Today I want to show you how to start protecting and flushing out your mind: Action for Today: Make a “T” list. On the left side of the horizontal line, list anything in your…

live laugh love Feature

#LiveLaughLove: Dear Man: Letter From Satan

Happy Friday Kingdom Kids! For those of you who are familiar with P4CM’s poet, Ezekiel Azonwu, you know that he is a beast on the mic. I had the pleasure…

live laugh love Feature

#LiveLaughLove: What’s Your Vision? Pt. 2

Happy Friday Kingdom Kids! If you enjoyed, “What’s Your Vision Pt. 1,” from Pastor Toure of One Church International, here is “What’s Your Vision Pt. 2″ for your viewing and…

live laugh love Feature

#LiveLaughLove: P4CM’s Poet Chris Webb

Happy Friday Kingdom Kids! So, last Friday was the much anticipated Rhetoric 2014. The entire show was insane; from performances from Christon Gray and Rock Boy Fresh to newlyweds, Preston…

Monday Morning Meditation Feature

#MondayMorningMeditation: Thought Of The Week

  “Whatever you pray for, you must prepare for”. ~DeVon Franklin   Have a blessed week Victorious People!

live laugh love Feature

#LiveLaughLove: What’s Your Vision?

Happy Friday Kingdom Kids! I had the opportunity to tune in for a service at One Church International, with Pastor Toure, and his message blessed me tremendously. I want to…


#KingsKoncepts: What’s He Worth Yo You

Mark 10:17-24 [17] And when he was gone forth into the way, there came one running, and kneeled to him, and asked him, Good Master, what shall I do that…


#KingsKoncepts: Because Of The Gospel

Hello Everyone. Today I’d like to share with you the best news a person could ever give to another person.  No, you’re not going to win a billion dollars tomorrow…


@P4CM Presents: The Wait Is Over??? Episode 2

Check out the second episode from P4CM‘s Janette…ikz and her fiance. The webseries is titled, “The Wait Is Over???”  If you missed the first episode, click on the link to view: ~Nailah

kings koncepts Feature

#KingsKoncepts: To Be Like Jesus

Hello Everyone. Our desire as well as our life’s purpose should not be the obtaining and indulging in the trappings of this life; nevertheless, it should be to live, die…