4GS Will Join N.HARV In The Meantime…

Hey, Good People!

The last time you heard from me, I delivered the devastating news about our For Gospel’s Sake (4GS) blogazine being hacked. While I am still deciding on what direction 4GS should go in next, I have decided to merge the 4GS brand with my personal N.HARV brand in the meantime. Why? Because I don’t want to keep y’all waiting around without good content to consume. I post more regularly on my N.HARV educational website than my team and I post on the 4GS website.

What does the merge mean exactly?

It simply means that:

  • I will add some of the content from the 4GS website (blogazine) to my educational website
  • I will add some of the 4GS email subscribers to the N.HARV newsletter to receive weekly inspirational and educational emails (with their permission, of course)

If you’re not on our current email list and would like to join us as we merge with N.HARV, feel free to sign up at www.nharv.com/signup.

Things are changing for the good around here, and I pray you guys have a healthy and prosperous year.



Nailah Harvey merges For Gospel's Sake and N.HARV

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