How To Hear God (Part.1)

“It’s always easier to hear someone speaking to you when they are standing next to you rather when they are across the room” -Avery Atkinson

I was once asked how do I know when God is speaking to me? Well, for me it’s easy…REPITION! Honestly, I can’t remember half the things I say and do in a day. Thanks to my adult ADD [which basically means I can pay attention, but I just need to be doing a million other things at the same time to do so], remembering who said what could be a challenge. However, in true Creator fashion, He in His infinite wisdom gave me a foolproof way to hear Him…REPITION. Because I forget things, I know God wants my attention when He repeats Himself. If there are words or instructions that come to my memory repeatedly the exact same way, I’m all ears because God is talking!

God knows each of us intimately, so He knows how to get our attention as well as speak to us in a way that we can hear Him! It’s like we individually have a private line and special language with God. Jesus died to give us that. It’s one of the bigger parts of our “Grace Package” that our salvation was securely tucked away in.

When we think of gifts and talents, we often think of irregular human ability. But those are all just small reflections of the Creator that He’s given to everyone! So in essence, God is the most gifted and talented being EVER! His gift is to communicate on our level in a way that we can understand via love. So, why are the gifts of God important? Well, for one, they speak to His character. To see God in all His glory and yet understand that He loves us despite our lack of everything – and then to see that He still gave us a part of Himself – should prick our hearts to constantly worship. Secondly, when we find the part of ourselves that most reflects Him (our gift), then that’s where we should go to connect with God. That’s the place where we can really feel His presence. That becomes a point of exchange. The place where we pour out and He pours back in. It’s in this divine exchange that the cross is made personal and exemplified in our talents and gifts.

Hearing from God is a privilege. Take advantage of it!

Happy Hearing!

Lady A.

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