How To Hear God (Part.2)

Thank you guys for joining me again as we complete this two-part series on “How To Hear From God.” If you missed part one, click here to read the article.

Now, let’s continue!

Hearing from God is definitely a privilege that should be taken seriously. God is constantly reaching out to us – His children – and is constantly trying to communicate with us. What kind of father doesn’t want to talk to his kids?! Not a good one, that’s for sure. Being able to hear God as a Heavenly Father calling out to His children is something that indeed comes with practice. When you can hear Him, it means you are open to communicate with Him (however He comes to you). So, find your gift. Often times, our gifts are directly related to our purpose so FLOW IN THAT! Flowing in our purpose allows us to differentiate between God’s voice and others’ voices(s). Getting and following God’s direction for our lives will become much easier as time goes by. If you are having a hard time hearing from God when He speaks to you, I’d encourage you to evaluate what may be blocking your flow. What’s holding you up from your purpose? Are you flowing in and constantly exercising your gift?

Saved at 13 years old and fully committed in my early 20’s (there’s a difference between being saved and walking in salvation), it wasn’t until I moved to South Korea that it seemed like God picked‐up a bullhorn and spoke directly to the ears of my heart. I wondered why the sudden change? I eventually realized that He was always speaking, but my hearing was muffled by what other people said He was saying, “churchdom”, and all the other distractions of life. I was too comfortable to fully hear God in America (at the time). Nevertheless, I stepped into my purpose and left everything and everyone behind it was easier to hear God speaking. Granted, talking with God may have been easier in South Korea because there was literally no one else to talk to at first, but ultimately that was a perfect situation as it trained me to hear my Father speaking. In turn, fulfilling my purpose brought me closer to Him. I was actually startled by God’s sudden tangible presence in my life; however, He quickly reassured me that He’d been there all along. God was speaking, calling out and waiting for me to truly hear Him. It was me who was allowing “things” and “agendas” to come between us. Now, I live my life as a Thank You and every time God speaks to me, I am overwhelmed and grateful that He does!

How does God speak to you?

Happy Hearing!

Lady A. 

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