How To Let Go

Hey, Good People!

I have a question for you all: How do you distinguish between doing all you can and matching your works with your faith? I ask this because I live by the scripture “faith without works is dead.” Knowingly, I find myself keeping busy so God can bless my actions (sort to speak). I can’t expect God to do His part if I’m not doing my part, right?

But I hate when I feel like I’ve messed things up by doing too much. You ever feel that way? Like things would’ve been better if you hadn’t stepped in and made the phone call, wrote the letter, talked to the boss, etc? It’s hard for me to just keep still because I feel like I won’t have full satisfaction with the results if I don’t give it my all.

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I’m learning to do my absolute best – while keeping God first – and I’m appreciating life at every stage. And in the words of James Brown, “I feeeeeeeeel good!”


How to have faith and let go

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