How To Live Under The Influence Of Holiness

In the Bible book of 1 Thessolonians, Chapter 5 Verse 23, the subject matter is spiritual renewal. We, Christians have to give our whole lives to Christ and not let our reactions to certain events or natural emotions serve as spiritual encounters. God wants our whole lives including our feelings. We can’t pick and choose when we want to be spiritual, otherwise, we’ll be like the Bible character Naaman in the Old Testament who asked the Lord if He (God) can forgive all but one of his sins. Nope. It doesn’t work like that. All or nothing, folks.

When someone makes a moral change, it doesn’t mean that every single aspect of their natural life is, well, under the influence of holiness. Meaning, you can make good choices, and love everyone, and give to people in need etc., but there may still be an area in your life where sin dominates. True spiritual renewal comes when a person loves and obeys ALL things of God and does not pick and choose. We love God for who He is and not just the benefits He gives and/or allows.
Let’s all strive to go to the next level in God and really abide by His spirit and not so much our natural capabilities and emotions.
Every Christian should make sure his/her emotions are under the influence of holiness. -4GospelSake Click To Tweet





How to live under the influence of holiness

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