Let God Do The Writing

Global Perspective by Lady A

As a former ESL teacher in South Korea, the most tedious thing was reading the handwriting of students who spoke English as a second language. Some of the kids made me think I should’ve been in the CIA or a professional translator of ancient texts! And then “bad writing” to me. One evening, I attempted to read aloud my writing to my friend to get her input. I found myself stumbling over words, having no rhythmic pattern, and sounding just like my korean students! My friend asked, “Are you trying to read someone else’s words? There’s no way you could be murdering your own writing like that!” I defended my writing by stating that I wrote it in a cramped café cart on the train, but my friend wasn’t convinced.

While trying to transcribe my work later, I realized it was nearly impossible to read. How could something so God inspired get so lost in translation? There’s an easy answer to that…KINGDOM ISN’T OUR FIRST LANGUAGE! What do I mean by that It? Sometimes our motives aren’t as God inspired as we’d like, therefore, the results of our decisions seem foreign to us. It sounds strange, but when you think about it, it makes sense. God is constantly trying to get us to see things His way, but our own thoughts and ideas are in the way. He’s always trying to show us in His Word, His plans for our lives and His heart for the nations, but we get too involved in the process. We don’t follow instructions and find ourselves asking for help and forgiveness all in the same sentence.

So, how can we avoid people holding the notebook of our lives in different angles trying to see the heart of God penned on our lives? Again, LET GOD DO THE WRITING! When we get to a point of being in a divine relationship instead of being busy trying to look like we have one, the fruits of that divine relationship with God will cause us to glow. In the darkness, we’ll shine bright and non-believers will start conversations like, “Hey, there’s just something about you…” But this moth to a flame phenomenon is just like Christ described; If we lift Him up, He’ll draw people closer to Him. We have to check our “works” to make sure we’re doing them for God, otherwise, His penmanship will be unrecognizable and our efforts will be in vain.

As the cliche says, “Your life is the only Bible some people will ever read.” Believers will be overcome by our testimonies and non-believers will become believers by our lives (lifestyles). Why our lives and not our words? Because non-believers only have carnal eyes, so when God blesses us naturally and then gives us the wherewithal to stand during trying times, people will wanna know how this is possible. This is the time we get to point people to the Cross. This is why God instructs us to write the Word on the tablet of our hearts, so when people “read” our lives, they will read the gospel. This is all possible if we, LET GOD DO THE WRITING!

Lady A.