One Reason Why God Will Search For The Lost

Happy Monday, Good People!

I won’t bore you with an apology or an “I’m back” speech. I’m going to get right into the post and hopefully you’ll read the excitement and inspiration in my (reading) voice. I stepped back from “For Gospel’s Sake” (4GS) to primarily focus on my personal blog, but I feel like I found the balance to do both. So, let’s get into this post…

I was reading the Bible, Luke Chapter 15, where it talks about the parable of the lost sheep and how God leaves the 99 sheep to go after the one lost sheep. After reading, I thought to myself, why does God leave the masses to go after one? Then it hit me. God does everything out of love for His people.

In the parable, God had 99 sheep and wasn’t satisfied until He went to save that last one. This inspired me because it let me know that God always wants it all. He’s never satisfied with “enough.” God is a thorough and selfish God. He wants ALL of His children to be blessed, not just some of us.

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I encourage everyone who’s reading this blog post to know that God will fight for you. Even if you feel like you are lost in the world and in your spiritual journey, God still loves you and wants you to find your way (back) to Him. If not, He will go after you. (Considering your heart truly desires God and His will for your life). Your existence and salvation are important to Him, therefore, it should be important to you. Knowing this, tell someone today that God loves them and has them in mind!

I love y’all and I thank you for being patient with the 4GS blogazine! God knows our heart! LOL.



Reasons why God loves us and finds those that are lost