What Are Preacher Points?

When I visit churches, I like to write down “Preacher Points!” These are quotes, sayings, scriptures, and phrases that stick with me once I hear them over the pulpit. They encourage, uplift, convict, and even comfort me (in the love of Jesus Christ). I was looking through my church notebook and came across some notes and wanted to share them because it makes me feel as if I am spreading the gospel!

  1. “When God offers you the gift of salvation, don’t insult Him by saying ‘I’m okay’…accept Him!”
  2. “With all the love that God gives and expresses to you, it’s your duty to pay it forward. Tell somebody else about God and what He has done”
  3. “Be confident in the Lord and in His love because perfect love casts out all fear!”
  4. “Don’t ever forget to pray for the shepherd over your soul because it takes a lot to be a Pastor”
  5. “God is NOT defined by your experiences, but only by the Word of God”
  6. “It’s time out to feel sorry for people who aren’t receiving God’s benefits because of their disobedience”
  7. “Mercy is not favor. For example, if you steal, go to jail, and the judge lets you go, that’s mercy! Favor is if you steal, go to jail and then get off because the judge says ‘you’ve must’ve needed whatever you stole so I will give it to you'”
  8. “You gotta stop being selfish and take off all those insecurities because you don’t know who needs the anointing in you”
  9. “A prophet is not received in his own country. You gotta be isolated so HE (God) can bring you to the point where you are finally respected”
  10. “It takes guts in order for you to receive everything that the Lord has for you”
  11. “Being your best means getting the best from everyone around you”

I pray these Preacher Points encourage you today!


Quotes, sayings, scriptures, and phrases that encourage you in Christ.

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